Salary & Wages Transfers

With a guaranteed reduction in your current Salary & Wage transfer costs, our solution provides you with added functionality at a fixed low rate, with no minimum transaction volume imposed.

  • Account validation
  • All employees paid on the same day
  • Multiple pay dates are accommodated
  • Account rejection notification
  • Re-processing of bank account rejections
  • Stop payments and recalls after submission
  • Bulk or individual verification of banks account info
  • Full audit on user input and data

Payroll Deductions

No more faxing, posting or emailing of contribution schedules to third party organisations.

Month-end reconciliation and payment of your payroll deductions has never been easier. We seamlessly integrate with your payroll to pay, produce and submit schedules electronically for all payroll deductions:

  • Pension
  • Medical Aid
  • Union
  • And more…

Garnishee Audit Service

Garnishees are a headache, let us take care of them.

We have partnered with Smit, Jones & Pratt Attorneys at Law, to ensure that all your employees’ garnishee orders are accurately managed and monitored on your behalf.

  • We audit the legitimacy, accuracy of fees, interest and outstanding balances of all garnishee order prior to it being captured on our system.
  • We process payments and automatically forward on the electronic remittances.
  • We provide employers with detailed management reports.
  • This service is supported by a Call Centre, taking care of all queries from employees, employers, attorneys and debt collection agencies.

Mobile Payslip Alerts

Are you looking for ways to go ‘green’ and reduce costs?

Enhance employee engagement with mobile technology

Now you can, by implementing our Mobile Payslip Alerts for your employees.

Mobile Payslip Alerts are immediate, short and reliable, with the vital info your employees want sent straight to their phone.

Plus they have the option to view more online or download a copy of the original payslip.

IT88 Payments

No need to file IT88’s individually anymore.

Simply capture the unique 19 digit Payment Reference Numbers (PRN) as received on the IT88 issued by SARS on your payroll.

Upload a batch of payments to us and we will utilise our existing system integration with SARS to process individual or bulk IT88 payments on your behalf.


Creditor Payments

Improve on your current creditors payments management.

Implement our creditors payments solution and streamline your payment process, reducing costs.

Our solution provides full audit on the creation of creditors account details and the submission of payment files.

Creditors also receive a remittance detailing the invoice amounts.

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